SCHUHCAFFÈ used to be the most beautiful shoe shop in northern Germany, at least that´s what our customers said. Thank you for this great compliment! But after 19 years of exciting shoe creations, adventurous shop life and adorable shoe fans we decided to close our shop doors. Maybe forever, maybe to start something new one day – who knows?…

Since then I work as an agent for these three great Italian shoe factories: LA BOTTEGA DI LISA, HALMANERA and SCARPA. They all work 100% handmade in Italy and come from the Region Marche at the adriatic sea. One of them combines Italian quality with minimalistic danish design. Excellent quality, stunning fashion and extraordinary design presents itself when you see, touch and feel the shoes. Curious? Take a look around and experience high quality Italian lifestyle.
This season you can meet me at fairs in Germany, Italy and partly also in France. Check out for the latest dates!