The shoes of HALMANERA are being produced in an old farm house from the sixteenth century. When one arrives at the courtyard, one barely believes his eyes: chicken, ducks and two black swans come running towards you as a welcome! Inside it is cheerful and loud in a very confined space. One senses the social commitment of Beppe, the patrone, as well as Luca and Sauro, his sons. Pictures of catholic saints hang everywhere, Benvenuto in Italia! …and the shoes are extremely comfortable, wonderfully soft and look great!

The manufacturing is substainable, fair and and in family tradition since more than 30 years. HALMANERA is known for its special technique called „Sacchetto”. They use special, very soft leathers such as lamb and deer or soft calf skin. The collection is for women and men. Today the brand is represented in over 150 boutiques and shops all over the world, amoung others in Japan, Russia, the US, Europe and Hong Kong and is very successful.