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Since over 30 years I work in shoe business. And I love it! Early I decided to start a strong connection between Italy, the roots of my father, and my home country Germany. I used to sell only Italian brands in my shoe shop SCHUHCAFFÈ for many, many years. SCHUHCAFFÈ is a marriage between the word „shoe“ and „caffè“ – since we used to give special roasted espresso coffee to our customers when they visited us. Nowadays SCHUHCAFFÈ COMPANY stands for excellent choice of design, always guaranteed that the shoes are only handcrafted in Italy.

I represent the following brands: LA BOTTEGA DI LISA, LE BABE and LA BELLE. Working with the factories mostly from the region Marche and Friuli is my speciality. This region at the Adria became something like my second home. Family trade and sustainability are very important issues for me. Therefore I somehow consider myself socially responsible for the families I work for and can state rightly: SCHUHCAFFÈ COMPANY is authentic and honest. The brands I choose stand for high fashion, Italian quality and eco-design, realized in a cosmopolitian way. International and traditional at the same time – 100% handmade in Italy!

In November 2021 I started a very interessting project: SCAMPI & FRIENDS in Hamburg! At a breathtaking industrial loft I represent to you the latest collections in my own showroom. Looking forward seeing you there very soon…